Tesla Canada suing Ontario

By CRM Staff  
Toronto, Ontario — August 17, 2018 —The Canadian branch of Tesla is in the process of suing the Ontario government, according to CBC news. 

The company has filed a law-suit against the government with the Superior Court of Justice, claiming that the cancellation of the Ontario rebates program has caused Tesla a great loss in sales. 
When Doug Ford first canceled the cap and trade rebates set up by the previous Liberal Government, it was stated that the incentives in place would still be honored as long as the cars were delivered and registered by September 10.
This however, has changed.
The Conservative government is now stating that rebates are only applicable if the vehicle was purchased from a dealership, excluding those who purchased their automobiles directly from the manufacturer.  
With Telsa selling all of their vehilces directly to the customer, the company believes that the government is excluding its business and customers from these rebates that are still being honored for brands like General Motors, Kia, BMW and Nissan. 
It is not clear how much Tesla Canada is suing the Ontario Government for, but the company warns the matter is urgent.


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