Can You Believe This?! May 27, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — Happy Friday, folks! What better time to learn some obscure skills? See how you can make your windows a little more shocking; how your teeth could be your ultimate bodywork tool; spot some scary near-misses and much, much more, in Collision Repair‘s Can You Believe This.

Can You Believe This?! May 20, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — Have you ever seen a tap-dancing minivan? What would you do if you witnessed a bumper made of driftwood? See dancing cars, wooden parts and car mods that truly stink, all in this weekly Can You Believe This?! feature!

Can You Believe This?! April 15, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s wacky Can You Believe This?! clip, see the damage a classic car fanatic can do with half a Bus and a half a Beetle; learn how to add the P-Turn to your arsenal of driving skills; witness the Office-inspired wrap jobs and much, much more!