Clean Sweep: Tesla approved for single-blade, track-based windshield wiper patent

Toronto, Ontario — Because they can’t just simply be like the other kids, Tesla has announced the approval of a new windshield wiper design that eschews the sweeping arc motion of your grandpa’s wipers in favour of something slightly higher tech. Tesla’s new “electromagnetic windshield wiper system” instead uses a linear actuator at the bottom […]

Wiper Woes: Ford recalls more than 650,000 vehicles for faulty windshield wipers

Toronto, Ontario — Faulty windshield wipers have been identified as the cause of the latest recall issued by Ford, currently affecting more than 650,000 pickups and SUVs on U.S. roads. Transport Canada has yet to provide details on whether any vehicles in Canada are affected, though the U.S.-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has […]