Clean Sweep: Tesla approved for single-blade, track-based windshield wiper patent

Toronto, Ontario — Because they can’t just simply be like the other kids, Tesla has announced the approval of a new windshield wiper design that eschews the sweeping arc motion of your grandpa’s wipers in favour of something slightly higher tech. Tesla’s new “electromagnetic windshield wiper system” instead uses a linear actuator at the bottom […]

Junk in the Trunk: Images leaked of massive Tesla Cybertruck rear megacast at Giga Texas plant

(Photo by Kim Java/Twitter) Toronto, Ontario — Observers of Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory were seen doing dramatic double-takes after images of the yet-to-be-released Cybertruck’s massive single-piece rear megacast were leaked earlier this month. The images, which found their way online in the days following Tesla’s recent Q3 earnings call, depict several versions of the huge part; […]

Paint Perfection: Mazda unveils Artisan Red Premium paint, fourth of Takuminuri line

Toronto, Ontario — Those out there who consider themselves automotive artists have a new paint shade just for them, as Mazda unveiled the new Artisan Red Premium paint shade on Tuesday; the fourth of the company’s advanced Takuminuri paint line. Takuminuri, which translates as “Artisan colouring,” is Mazda’s painting technology that reproduces a precise, high-quality […]

Casting Call: Tesla Model Y with front casting, structural battery spotted at Giga Berlin

(Tobias Lindh/Twitter) Toronto, Ontario — In its recent Q3 financials release to stakeholders, Tesla announced plans to integrate front castings and structural battery packs to the Model Y; plans that have since been confirmed by DriveTesla Canada, who posted a photo Tuesday of just such a model outside the automaker’s Berlin Gigafactory. This sighting, made […]

Hearing Murmurs: GM reportedly designing midsize pickup variant of electric GMC Hummer

Toronto, Ontario — Bloomberg reported Wednesday that engineers at General Motors are mulling over a design for a midsize pickup variant of the latest-generation electric GMC Hummer. Still in the design concept phase at GM’s California design studio, insiders in the midsize Hummer’s development told Bloomberg that there is a strong likelihood that the model […]

A Step Up: Dodge patents swing-out tailgate step design for Ram trucks

Toronto, Ontario — The engineering department at Dodge is looking to give Ram drivers a leg-up in a literal sense, as a new patent filed by the company has been unearthed, outlining a switchblade-like step housed within a truck’s tailgate. Based on the diagrams uncovered first by Motor Authority, the step appears to swing out […]