Rogue’s Gallery: Nissan engineer delves into Rogue body material strategy

Franklin, Tennessee— A senior engineer at Nissan pulled back the curtain on the body materials that drive the third-generation Nissan Rogue SUV at this year’s Great Designs in Steel (GDIS) symposium in Novi, Mich. Repairers may already know this, but the third-generation Rogue, first introduced in 2021, contains a great deal more advanced high-strength steel […]

More Gigawatts Than Ever: DeLorean Motor Company teases full-width LED bar on new model

Toronto, Ontario — Star Wars day may afford some people the opportunity to relive youthful fantasies about fictional worlds—but the people behind the DeLorean are peddling some real progress this May 4, teasing some previously unseen looks at the famous model’s upcoming EV update. In a short clip posted to the DeLorean Motor Company’s Instagram […]

Frame-by-Frame: U.S. patent approved for self-calibrating, multi-camera AV driving system

Toronto, Ontario — A recently approved patent developed by a Boston, Mass. startup could have some fairly unique implications on an already turbulent calibration landscape, as NODAR has put together a self-calibrating, multi-camera AV driving system. NODAR said the system, called “Hammerhead 3D Vision,” can compare images from each camera and triangulate the distance to […]

Designing the Future: Toyota Dream Car Art Contest announces finalists

Toronto, Ontario — If the past year has shown us as a society anything, it is that adults make terrible decisions and we should start deferring to children on most matters—perhaps especially in the field of automotive design. “Over the years, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest has evolved from an art competition to an […]

Subaru unveils new single platform for future vehicles

Subaru has followed Volkswagen's lead in designing a single platform on which to build multiple vehicles. The new Subaru Global Platform will first be seen on the new Impreza.

By Mike Davey Tokyo, Japan — March 9, 2016 — Fuji Heavy Industries has offered a glimpse into the future. Specifically, the company has unveiled an overview of the Subaru Global Platform. Currently still under development, the company has indicated that the new platform will constitute the basic foundation of the next generation of Subaru vehicles. […]