Pumped Pricing: Higher taxes for used cars this year, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia – Budget reforms in British Columbia may impact the used vehicle market sooner than expected, according to a disgruntled official opposition critic. Starting Oct. 1, private vehicle sales will be taxed based on the vehicle’s reported purchase price and the average wholesale value. This tax will apply to the greater of the […]

Faux Lambo: Southern Ont. car dealer posts Lambo-wrapped Toyota 86 for sale

Toronto, Ontario — Let us reflect on youth; the days when we would be sent off to school and assured by our parents that our knockoff “red-swinging-bug-man” backpack was “just as good” as Spider-Man, and that the other kids wouldn’t even notice. They always notice. Same goes for when you’re trying to sell off your […]

Used and Ready to Cruise: CarGurus announced this year’s Best Used Car Awards

Toronto, Ontario — CarGurus today announced the winners of its annual Best Used Car Awards.  The 2021 awards identify the best recent-year used models across 10 body-style categories: long-term projected value retention, driver satisfaction, user reviews, expert evaluation, popularity and availability.  “CarGurus’ Best Used Car Awards have become an industry mainstay for the last five […]

Canadian Cars Wanted: More Canadian used vehicles going to U.S. amid shortages

Toronto, Ontario — Since early April, U.S. car dealers have been buying used cars from Canada to combat microchip shortages. However, over the last few months, the U.S. has been gobbling up even more of Canada’s inventory, according to new data from J.D. Power and ALS. “Everything seems to be in high demand,” Jonathan Banks, […]

You’ve Got Mail: Canada Drives launches online car shopping and delivery platform

Toronto, Ontario — Canada Drives, Canadas largest 100 percent online car shopping and to-your-door delivery platform announced it’s national launch today. Canadians in BC and Ontario can now browse, purchase and have a used car delivered right to their doorstep – they might even expect same day delivery. Founded in 2010, Canada Drives has helped […]

Out of Stock: Used car wholesalers struggle with demand for pickups, crossovers

Toronto, Ontario — They aren’t grizzlies, but reports are indicating that Canadian used car showrooms are looking pretty bare these days as the wholesale market struggles to keep up with increasing demand for used pickups and crossovers. According to industry leaders in the used auto wholesale market, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought on […]