Formal Invitation: Titanium Tools and Equipment hosting two-day open house

Vaughan, Ontario ⁠— If you’ve been keen to get a closer look at what Titanium Tools and Equipment has to offer, today might be your chance. The team is currently holding an open house⁠—and this is your invite. Matthew Bannister, owner of Titanium Tools and Equipment, and the rest of his team are welcoming the […]

Will titanium be the next material revolution?

Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have used high-tech methods to see into a titanium alloy optimized with a heat treatment process. The researchers have significantly improved the material's strength, leading to possible use in the automotive industry.

By Mike Davey   Richland, Washington — August 23, 2016 — The quest for strong, lightweight materials never ends. The collision repair industry is on top of aluminum and high-strength steels of various grades. Carbon fibre is widely anticipated to be next revolution, but recent reports indicate that titanium may start showing up in production […]

CSN-Carlaw Collision hosts Miracle System demo

Errol Cowan of Titanium Tools & Equipment (centre) demos the Miracle System for some of the staff at CSN-Carlaw Collision.

By Rick Walsh Peterborough, Ontario — January 12, 2016 — CSN-Carlaw Collision in Peterborough, Ontario, recently hosted a demo of the Miracle System, manufactured by Star-co in Japan and available in Canada through Titanium Tools & Equipment. Kevin Carlaw is the owner of CSN-Carlaw Collision. He says they see aluminum on a fairly frequent basis, […]