Money Talks: Ontario license plate refunds favour fleet owners over average drivers, critics say

Hamilton, Ontario — An investigation into license plate refunds indicates that it disproportionately favours Canadians with more than five vehicles, with CTV News reporting that a single person received more than $38,000. During a press conference Thursday, transportation minister Caroline Mulroney said “there’s very rare cases of people who own a large number of cars, […]

Fancy Fees: Federal luxury tax on $100,000+ cars, coming this fall

Ottawa, Ontario – Details on an incoming luxury tax by the Government of Canada were released July 15. The new rules will affect manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and importers. As of Sept. 1, the Select Luxury Items Tax Act proposed in Budget 2021 will come into effect, targeting certain vehicles and aircraft above $100,000 and some […]

Pumped Pricing: Higher taxes for used cars this year, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia – Budget reforms in British Columbia may impact the used vehicle market sooner than expected, according to a disgruntled official opposition critic. Starting Oct. 1, private vehicle sales will be taxed based on the vehicle’s reported purchase price and the average wholesale value. This tax will apply to the greater of the […]

Duty Dilemma: Canada joins complaint against U.S. auto trade practices

Ottawa, Ontario — The Canadian government has officially joined Mexico in its request for a dispute settlement panel to help resolve ongoing trade conflicts with the United States that both countries consider to be in violation of USMCA trade agreements. Under USMCA, 75 percent of a vehicle’s components must originate in North America to qualify […]

Crib Notes: Federal campaign promises for election day

Toronto, Ontario — Just like that–election day is here and Collision Repair wants to make sure you have the info you need on the federal candidates before heading to the polls. Liberals Permanently eliminate the federal interest on Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans to support young Canadians who choose to invest in post-secondary […]

New small business support efforts, luxury tax and more: A look at the 2021-22 federal budget

Ottawa, Ontario ⁠— The Liberal government unveiled its federal 2021-22 budget on Monday.  Despite numerous promises regarding small business recovery, vehicle electrification, EV battery initiatives and even a luxury tax on high-priced vehicles, the budget does not include any scrappage programs or incentives to purchase new vehicles, EVs or otherwise. Collision Repair has compiled a […]

Survey: Majority of shops will be impacted by changes to ‘income sprinkling’

Those in favour of the proposed changes appear to be very rare among the readers who responded to our survey. In fact, the “No” answers to this question were above the number of readers who indicated they would be impacted by the proposed changes!

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — September 19, 2017 — The vast majority of Canadian shop owners do not support the proposed changes to federal business taxes, according to the results of our latest survey. In brief, Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau proposed three changes to taxation that will impact small businesses. Collision Repair magazine […]

Letter: Proposed tax changes will hurt repairers

Kelvin Campbell, Owner/Operator of CSN Chapman Auto Body in Halifax, Nova Scotia, believes that the proposed tax changes are an issue that all bodyshop owners should address with their Members of Parliament.

Halifax, Nova Scotia — September 12, 2017 — Ottawa’s fall parliamentary session started September 11, and we’re already seeing signs that recently proposed changes to small business taxes may be the biggest battle on Parliament Hill.    Kelvin Campbell is the Owner/Operator of CSN Chapman Auto Body in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He believes that the […]