Martech releases Waterborne Breathable Air Combo system

Martech says its new air system can handle up to two painters at the same time.

 By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — May 16, 2018 — Martech Services Company has released a new air system.   Tom Wright, director of sales and marketing for Martech, says, “The Model 50-WB has all the features of a Quality Air Breathing System, Model 50 series system, plus the additional ability to lower the […]

Chief releases new electronic live measuring system

Chief’s new Meridian computerized measurement system.

By CRM Staff Madison, Indiana — March 1, 2018 — Chief’s new live measuring system is comprised of two parts: the Meridian computerized system and the Galileo laser scanner. “The beauty of the new Meridian live mapping system lies in its accuracy and versatility. It can be used with a vehicle on a lift in […]

CarVue launches free version of its management system

CarVue has launched what it says is the world's first free automotive facility management system.

By Jeff Sanford Reading, England — September 8, 2015 — A UK company has launched a new digital shop management system that is very good news for small shop owners—the basic version is absolutely free. The trend among software vendors in many sectors has been to offer at least the most basic version of programs […]