EV/AV Report: March 7, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — In today’s EV/AV report, Honda and Sony partner to create more electrically integrated vehicles, charging pads installed across Gothenberg and KIA announces a line-up of 14 battery electric vehicles by 2030. Tech-driven With oil prices rising across Canada, the demand for electric vehicles is all but growing, contributing to the birth of […]

Two Dates to the Dance: Veoneer takes acquisition deal with Magna despite Qualcomm outbid

Stockholm, Sweden — Veoneer has decided to stick with Magna International’s acquisition bid after being courted with a higher offer from Qualcomm, though Veoneer says it will continue in negotiations with Qualcomm. Last month, Aurora, Ont.-based Magna International put forth a $31.25 per share bid on Veoneer which was outbid by Qualcomm on Monday, who […]