Advantages of structural adhesives

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario– August 21, 2018– Adhesive bonding and in particular, structural adhesives could be replacing the role of welds and rivets.    Adhesive bonding allows objects to be fastened together like glue. Structural adhesives have been used by many manufacturers due to their superior durability.   They create bonds with load […]

New Vulcan ADU from Chief uses heat to separate panels

According to Chief Automotive, the Vulcan Adhesive Debonding Unit (ADU) is the first product specifically designed to break the bond of structural adhesives in automotive applications.

Madison, Indiana — April 12, 2016 — New materials require new joining methods, but those new methods may also find their way into steel construction as well. Structural adhesives are used extensively in vehicles designed with aluminum, but are also becoming increasingly popular with OEMs in the manufacture of traditional steel-based vehicles. Repairing collision damage […]

Automotive Megatrends: Structural adhesives cheaper, lighter, faster than other joining methods

Selamawit Belli of Dow Automotive presenting on Structural Adhesives at Automotive Megatrends. Photo courtesy of Repairer Driven News.

By Dylan O’Hagan Peterborough, Ontario — March 30, 2016 — Vehicles made with structural adhesives will be lighter, cheaper to produce and more fuel efficient, according to Selamawit Belli during a presentation at Automotive Megatrends in Detroit. Belli is the Structural Adhesives Field Marketing Manager for Dow Automotive. Belli noted that connecting parts using adhesives […]