ARC notes EV gaps for recyclers, key strategies in new report By STEVE FLETCHER The official Roadmap and Implementation Plan for the Management of End-of-Life (EOL) Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Canada has been prepared by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) with the financial support of Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan. The […]


We’re talking about salvage auctions Column by STEVE FLETCHER Auto recyclers rely on a steady flow of total loss vehicles from the insurance industry to secure their inventory of parts to provide to collision repairers and insurers—ideally to lower cycle time and severity and prevent further total losses. The balancing of interests in this mini-circular […]


Together for the first time since 2019 Column by STEVE FLETCHER Well, the two-year wait is over—the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) held its long delayed Annual Convention & Trade Show at the end of March. The results and next steps are still pouring in. Like many things, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the regular in—person […]


Opportunities—and challenges— for Canada’s auto recycling industry Column by STEVE FLETCHER As I approach my thirtieth year in the auto recycling industry, I join many of my industry colleagues in observing that I have seen more industry changes in the past five years than in the previous 30. The last two years, driven by the […]

Electric Education: Automotive Recyclers of Canada to hold EV education event

Toronto, Ontario — With new information on electric vehicles being released by OEMs faster than can be absorbed, Steve Fletcher and the Automotive Recyclers of Canada have decided to hold a webinar in November to lay it all out for the Canadian recycling community. Set for Nov. 4 and to be led by Fletcher and […]

Tough Talks: Steve Fletcher speaks on IBISConnect USA sustainability panel

London, United Kingdom ⁠— Some deep discussions need to be had across the automotive and automotive aftermarket industries if a path toward sustainability and sustainable repairs is to be achieved, according to a panel during the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium (IBIS) broadcast last week. The International Bodyshop Industry Symposium’s IBISConnect USA event took place last […]

Automotive recyclers applaud federal action to ban asbestos

Kirsty Duncan, federal Minister of Science, recently announced that the government of Canada will completely ban asbestos by 2018.

Toronto, Ontario — December 21, 2016 — The government of Canada has pledged to ban asbestos and asbestos-containing products by 2018. The comprehensive ban will include new regulations that ban the manufacture, use, import and export of asbestos and establish new federal workplace health and safety rules that will drastically limit the risk of people […]

OARA Conference highlights role of auto recycling in a sustainable economy

A selection of photos from the 2016 OARA Conference. Check out the gallery below for more!

By Mike Davey and Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — March 23, 2016 — The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) has concluded its 2016 Conference and Trade Show. The OARA Conference is the single largest auto recycling event in Canada, drawing attendees and presenters from well outside of Ontario. The conference took place March 18 to […]