Snow highlights the sunny side of autonomous vehicles

Neale Phillips is Thatcham’s Strategy and Development Director. He recently outlined why autonomous vehicles may mean more work for repairers at IBIS Middle East.

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — February 17, 2016 — The advent of autonomous vehicles may have an upside for the collision repair industry according to Neale Phillips, Thatcham’s Strategy and Development Director. Thatcham is an automotive insurer research organization headquartered in the United Kingdom. Phillips delivered his remarks during the third IBIS Middle East, […]

CSN Conference draws high-profile keynote speakers

Mark Bowden (left) and Dennis Snow will be the keynote speakers for the 13th annual CSN Conference.

Toronto, Ontario — August 3, 2015 — The 13th annual CSN Collision Centers Conference takes place September 24 to 26 in Montreal, Quebec. This year’s event is titled Geared for Success and features two high-profile keynote speakers. First up is Mark Bowden, a body language and behaviour expert. He runs a communications training company that […]