Finding Your Dream Cart: Sask. considering expanding use of golf carts on local roads

Regina, Saskatchewan — “Sorry I was late. There was a golf cart blocking up the left lane,” is a phrase some Saskatchewan residents may have to get used to saying now that the province’s Urban Municipalities Association recently passed a resolution considering them for public roadways. The resolution passed last week at the Saskatchewan Urban […]

Live from Saskatchewan: SAAR to livestream Spring Forum

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan — Tune in to the Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers (SAAR) Facebook page at noon EST on Saturday, to catch an exclusive presentation from Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) live from SAAR’s Moose Jaw event. The live stream will begin at noon and cover SGI’s update for the SAAR audience. You can tune […]

Spring with SAAR: Saskatchewan seasonal forum just three weeks away

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan — The Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers (SAAR) is nearly done prepping for its spring forum, which is slated for Feb. 10 and Feb. 11 at the Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa in Moose Jaw. The event will kick off Friday at noon Central Time alongside a discussion with Saskatchewan Government Insurance […]

SAAR, Sweet SAAR: Sask. repairers gather for golf and good times at SAAR Fall Conference 2022

Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Saskatchewan — The Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers (SAAR) just wrapped up its annual fall conference over the weekend, drawing in some of the biggest names in Western Canada’s aftermarket industry and beyond. As is tradition, this year’s SAAR Fall Conference opened with a friendly golf tournament on the grounds of […]

All Hail SGI : Saskatoon Hailstorm causes weekend damage, hundreds of claims filed

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — Things can change at a moment’s notice. Evening plans can turn into overnight escapades. A drive on a whim can turn into a journey for a day. And a beautiful summer day can descend into danger and destruction. That’s exactly what happened last Saturday as a summer storm damaged many vehicles in […]

Penny For Your Thoughts: Penny McCune named new president and CEO of SGI

Regina, Saskatchewan — Saskatchewan’s crown insurance company will be welcoming its new president and CEO in the coming weeks, following Tuesday’s announcement that Penny McCune will assume SGI’s top role, making her the first woman to head up the provincial insurance company. Currently working as executive v-p and COO of the Auto Fund, McCune is […]