Glue Guide: Volvo updates position statements on windshield adhesives, bumper cover repair

Toronto, Ontario — Volvo has expressed some sticking points in a pair of position statements regarding windshield adhesives and bumper cover repair. The Swedish automaker reiterated in one of the statements that only Volvo Genuine parts, and subsequently only Volvo PUR adhesive kits, should be used in the repair of Volvo windshields. “These [kits] are […]

DEG-ging Deep: Updated procedure for Chevrolet Equinox impact bar replacement

Toronto, Ontario — A pair of inquiries to the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) have brought about some new insights into the proper procedure for Chevrolet Equinox impact bar replacement. An inquiry submitted in April 2021 pointed out that the plates welded to the end of the frame rail and bracket of the impact bar don’t […]

Breaking the Brake Barrier: Ford, Honda equip 95 percent of vehicles with AEB

Toronto, Ontario — If there were a gifted program for OEMs then Ford and Honda would be its newest members as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced that the pair of automakers have reached their AEB goal ahead of schedule. The IIHS announced on Friday that Ford and Honda had both managed to […]

Automated Integrity: Audi to use AI to verify weld quality in high-volume production

Toronto, Ontario — Audi is taking new steps to further streamline its production process, announcing that artificial intelligence will be used to guarantee weld quality for high-volume production at its Neckarsulm, Germany facility. According to Audi, about 5,300 spot welds are used to join the parts that comprise the body of an Audi A6. In […]

Terlep’s Tips: AutoTechcelerators to host webinar on ADAS CoPilot Pro platform

Toronto, Ontario — Clear some time your schedule on Thursday; co-founder of AutoTechcelerators, Frank Terlep will be live on a webinar discussing the ways the ADAS CoPilot Pro platform can enhance your business. Terlep says that his company’s diagnostics platform, ADAS CoPilot Pro, can identify ADAS systems, components and calibration requirements in seconds, as well […]

Dos and Don’ts: Auto Techcelerators releases guide on opening ADAS calibration business

Toronto, Ontario — Auto Techcelerators has posted a 146-page guide to its website on how a collision repair facility can open and operate an ADAS calibration business. Covering topics from business goals and objectives, facility and equipment requirements, pricing the services, scheduling and KPI’s, the “Opening & Operating an ADAS Calibration Business” guide from Auto […]

Repair Resources: Auto Techcelerators to integrate ALLDATA into ADAS CoPilot Pro

Toronto, Ontario — Auto Techcelerators and ALLDATA are joining forces to integrate ALLDATA’s repair procedure library into the soon-to-be released ADAS CoPilot Pro mobile app and web platform. According to Auto Techcelerators, the company’s new platform will allow users to scan a VIN barcode with their smartphone, copy and paste or import a VIN number […]

Robotic Results: BMW robot-applied paint repairable by humans

Munich, Germany — BMW recently announced that it was testing new robotically-applied paint technology on some M4 Coupes, but wants to reassure all the flesh-based refinishers out there that the work can still be repaired by puny humans. This new technology from BMW allows the application of several colours and designs to its cars’ bodywork […]

Saving Your Glass: Ford drops tips on repairing ADAS-connected windshields

Toronto, Ontario — Ford has provided a little bit of clarity to all the glass repair technicians out there, as the OEM dropped some helpful tips on how to keep a Ford Lane Keeping System, and defrost heater, in good working order. Featured throughout the past year in the automaker’s “On Target” newsletter, Ford has […]