Marketing Headstart: AAPEX accepting webinar pitches for June to October

Nevada, United States — Have a pitch for your automotive colleagues? AAPEX is now accepting pre-event webinars proposals, themed around the future of the automotive aftermarket. According to an AAPEX press release, these will be hour-long webinars scheduled in June, July, September and October in the lead-up to AAPEX 2023, scheduled between Oct. 31 to […]

On the Line: Copper wire theft and vandalism on the rise across Canada

Ottawa, Ontario — Copper wire thefts have been steadily on the rise across North America, thanks to recent upswings in its selling price. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta have all reported recent increases in the frequency of copper wire thefts on businesses, homes and construction sites alike. Copper is most commonly found […]

Community Spirit: SAAR director, Sask. Polytech alum donates $60K for BETAG autobody repair tools

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — Students in Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s auto body technician certificate program can look forward to working with modern BETAG equipment and software, thanks to a generous donation by polytech alumni, Barb and Tom Bissonnette. The tools include reverse presses, weld-on metal tags and pullers, induction heaters, glue tabs and pullers. All of these allow […]

Automotive Alchemy: BASF, Mercedes-Benz to use chemical recycling to repurpose scrap tires

Toronto, Ontario — Given that most cars come with at least four of them, many auto recycling facilities are overflowing with tires; as such, Mercedes-Benz is looking into ways to reconstitute and reintegrate end-of-life tires back into plastic components on the company’s new vehicles. The German automaker will utilize BASF’s chemical recycling process to combine […]

Startups and Subsidies: EV/AV report, August 8

Toronto, Ontario — More rebates for electric vehicle purchases in British Columbia, a Canadian startup shows off solar panel EV upgrades and Ontario invests 5 million to train and employ 500 autoworkers. This is your weekly report on the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Charging Up B.C. is increasing the cap on EV rebates […]

Crash Test City: Montreal’s most collision-prone boroughs found downtown

Montreal, Quebec – Whether you speak English, French or another language, almost every driver has stories of close calls with more reckless road users. In the case of urban areas, reckless driving can quickly translate into fatalities. Unlike Toronto and Vancouver where collisions are most common at connectors to adjacent cities, collisions in Montreal generally […]

Light Work: Altair Engineering honours automotive award winners in sustainability, lightweighting and recycling

Troy, Michigan — Information technology company Altair Engineering has released the winners of its tenth annual Enlighten award. These awards honour advancements in sustainability and lightweighting initiatives. Presented in conjunction with the Centre for Automotive Research (CAR), the Enlighten award also recognizes advancements in carbon footprint, water and energy consumption reduction, as well as material […]

Cold Cars, Cold Calls: EV/AV report, August 1

Toronto, Ontario — An EV that thrives in Ontarian winters, a new EV educational tool by General Motors and Canada plants itself as an EV investment hub. This is your weekly report on the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Winter Blazers A common criticism against most electronics is lacklustre performance in the cold—particularly when […]