Up-Charged: EV insurance costs ‘taken higher’ reports Forbes Advisor

Toronto, Ontario — A recent Forbes Advisor report found that EV insurance rates are approximately $100(USD) more expensive annually than similar builds and models of gas-powered vehicles. This information comes amidst significant increases in EV ownership. With gas prices at all-time highs and an increased focus on environmental impact, electric vehicles are being touted by […]

Flimsy Financials: Northern B.C. drivers pay disproportionate ICBC premiums

Victoria, British Columbia — The agents of chaos and mischief over at ICBC have released a new dataset that compares auto insurance rates in British Columbia by postal code and in a surprise to no one, the north is shelling out the most to be blessed with the Crown insurer’s (mandatory) coverage. Starting from the […]

The Fadeaway: MPI calls off repair rate negotiations with repairer associations

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Like feet at your mom’s house, the repair rate terms presented to Manitoba Public Insurance by provincial repairer associations are officially off the table after negotiations broke down on Monday. MPI has given a 90-day notice announcing the termination of the current industry agreement with the automotive trades on repair rates. Talks […]

Canadians not comparing insurance rates

By Vanessa Stark   Toronto, Ontario – July 31, 2018 –– A shocking amount of Canadians are not comparing insurance rates despite increasing costs across Canada.    According to a recent report by LowestRate.ca, 37 percent of Canadians are not comparing or researching car insurance rates before making a purchase.    “This makes it all […]

New report says insurance rates are climbing in Alberta and falling in Ontario

LowestRates.ca has released its newest report on the 2017 insurance trends.

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — March 20, 2018 — A new insurance report from LowestRates.ca shows the latest trends coming out of 2017, in its Auto Insurance Price Index.  “The car insurance industry can be a bit of a mystery to consumers, and that’s the main reason we created the Auto Insurance Price […]

Chic vs. cheap: Toronto auto insurance ranked by neighbourhood

Kanetix has ranked Toronto's neighbourhoods from least to most expensive for auto insurance.

Toronto, Ontario — September 23, 2015 — According to a new insurance survey, drivers living in certain areas of Toronto pay far more in insurance than those in other neighbourhoods, with the differences adding up to almost $1,000 in some cases. The survey was carried out by online insurer, Kanetix.ca. The firm found that those […]