Prolonged Painting: How Bugatti takes 600+ hours to paint a single car

Molsheim, France — Imagine it took your painter 700 hours to finish a job. Imagine they took four days to polish one car. You’d probably send them packing pretty fast. But, at Bugatti, they’d fit right in. The luxury automaker issued a press release this past March detailing its whopping 600-hour process in painting a […]

Product Report: New PPG primer announced

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — On Feb. 1, PPG announced a new primer surfacer, the latest addition to the Envirobase paint system. Compatible with current PPG Envirobase reducers and undercoat hardeners, the Envirobase ECP35 2.1 VOC high production Surfacer is ready to sand after one hour of air drying or 15 minutes of force drying, said PPG. […]

Collision Cure: PPG launches ONECHOICE® SU1280 UV-Cured Primer Surfacer

Toronto, Ontario — PPG has launched the ONECHOICE® SU1280 UV-Cured Primer Surfacer for Canadian and U.S. automotive refinish markets. This latest offering from the international automotive paint supplier is available in a spray-gun-applied quart and uses advanced UV-cure coating technology that can be sanded just two minutes after application. Compatible with all PPG topcoats, PPG […]