To Spite the Fascia: Ford places restrictions on bumper fascia repair

Toronto, Ontario — In an announcement put out by the American automaker last week, Ford has decided to place significant repair restrictions on all of the company’s ADAS-equipped bumper fascias going forward, a move likely to have ramifications felt across all sectors of the automotive industry. “During body repairs that involve front and rear bumper […]

Survey: Just 25 percent of shops ‘always’ check OEM procedures during repairs

The chart above shows how frequently survey respondents refer to OEM repair procedures when writing estimates.

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — January 24, 2017 — We’ve heard repeatedly that the best course of action is to always check the OEM repair procedures. But how many shops are actually doing it? According to the results of our latest survey, the majority of shops check while performing structural repairs, but only about […]