Alcoa unveils new aluminum joining breakthrough

Alcoa's RSR technology uses a combination of spot welding and self-piercing rivets to join different materials.

Detroit, Michigan — September 26, 2016 — Alcoa has developed a new method for joining aluminum to a wide range of other materials, including steels, magnesium and composites. Alcoa is one of the largest aluminum producers in the world and has a vested interest in lowering barriers to use in aluminum in the automotive sector. […]

Researchers announce new method for prepping carbon fibre for bonding

Adrian Sabau and Jian Chen work with a laser to prepare the surface of carbon fibre composites and aluminum to create superior bonds that can absorb 200 percent more energy than conventional bonds.

By Mike Davey   Oak Ridge, Tennessee — May 30, 2016 — Carbon fibre composites are incredibly strong and very lightweight. The material would therefore be almost perfect  for both body panel and structural components, but high production costs have helped to limit its use. Carbon fibre also requires a lot of surface preparation prior […]

New materials call for new joining techniques

Richard Perry of Chief Automotive shows off the company's latest welding equipment.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — October 6, 2015 — The new era of “exotic” materials calls for new methods of joining, both at the OEM and on the shop floor. Chief Automotive Technologies hosted trade press reporters recently to showcase new joining tools the company is making available. The day-long session provided some fascinating […]