Part One: Investigating expectations Column by JAY PERRY When we embark on our careers, I believe most people could be assessed as idealistic. What I mean is that the vision of successfully interacting with customers is prominent in our thinking. We want to help everyone that comes to us. We are confident that we can […]


Does your inner circle have your back? Column by JAY PERRY As humans we are all subject to certain effects that limit ourselves in achieving our potential. One such effect is the bias that we are more competent in areas where we, in reality are not, thus over-estimating our abilities. Another effect is called ‘hindsight […]


Ask yourself this Column by JAY PERRY In the last article we spoke of being grateful and balancing that gratitude with the desire to improve. Inside of looking at what we have, in being grateful, is an element of reflection. The act of reflecting is absolutely paramount for leaders for without it, progress cannot be […]


Take a moment and be grateful—life’s all about balance Column by JAY PERRY This time of year, I always find the subject of balance comes to mind. The Thanksgivings have passed, and we are approaching the Holy Days at the end of the calendar year. Each of these events makes us more mindful of gratitude. […]


You know what they say about assumptions Column by JAY PERRY Believe it or not, there is a solution to frustration you experience as a businessowner. It may be simple, but it’s by no means easy. When you look at any problem the best approach to a solution always involves an evaluation of the background—the […]

Nature or Nurture: Longtime Collision Repair columnist and Ally Business Coaching founder Jay Perry leads CCIF presentation

Toronto, Ontario — Long-time Collision Repair contributor, Jay Perry, enlightened a virtual audience of collision repairers and shop owners on the topic of leadership skills, during a Tuesday afternoon event hosted by CCIF chairman and Simplicity Car Care co-founder, Paul Prochilo. “Canada is hot!” Perry declared, in reference to recent moves in the Canadian automotive […]

Accountability In Action

Steps to a sustainable business BY JAY PERRY There are a lot of elements involved in practicing accountability. Ultimately, accountability boils down to communications. Information sharing within communications in an accountability framework. It takes an objective position and puts focus onto the facts. We must have an evaluative approach to have success in holding people […]


Looking to improve? Take responsibility BY JAY PERRY The end game of accountability is to assist our team members to becoming self-reliant in providing corrective measure that take us toward continuous improvement in the area of everything we do as a corporation. One of the most challenging parts of leadership is the issue of accountability. […]

Held to Account: Jay Perry on responsibility and continuous improvement

By Jay Perry One of the most challenging parts of leadership is the issue of accountability. We all know and want the benefits that can come from holding ourselves and our team to account for quality of services or products, our policies, actions and decisions but the balance required to do it properly can be […]


A welcome fresh start follows the flames BY JAY PERRY At the mention of the Metal Ages, we can all conjure up images of blacksmiths working the metal of their craft using fire to strengthen the product of their labour. I think this is an appropriate metaphor for the year that is finally in the […]