EV/AV Report: Borrowed cars, autonomous startups and charging critiques

Toronto, Ontario — A Vancouver man accidentally drives off in the wrong Tesla using nothing more than his app, Gatik’s expansion hints at a growing autonomous trucking fleet in Canada and J.D. Power warns of rising electricity prices hurting EV owners. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Inadvertent Felony A Vancouver man […]

EV/AV Report: Tech shows and self-driving developments

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s EV/AV report, new vehicles on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mercedes becomes the first OEM to commercially offer Level 3 autonomous vehicles in the United States and Microsoft may invest US$10m into a self-driving truck company, according to leaked info. This is the latest in electric […]

EV/AV Report: February 22, 2021

Toronto, Ontario – In this week’s electric and autonomous vehicle report, Tesla continues to show its dominance in the EV market, Gatik unveiled its first run of electric autonomous box trucks and GM’s Advanced Technology Track is officially open for business in Oshawa, Ontario.   Market Dominance Ten EVs roll up to a traffic light; eight […]