Fancy Fees: Federal luxury tax on $100,000+ cars, coming this fall

Ottawa, Ontario – Details on an incoming luxury tax by the Government of Canada were released July 15. The new rules will affect manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and importers. As of Sept. 1, the Select Luxury Items Tax Act proposed in Budget 2021 will come into effect, targeting certain vehicles and aircraft above $100,000 and some […]

Cost of repair determines the cheapest and costliest cars to insure in 2015

The Jeep Wrangler Sport 4WD two-door is the cheapest to insure, according to a report released by

by Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — September 4, 2015 — Insurance industry website,, has released a list of the cheapest and most costly cars to insure in 2015. It will be no surprise to any in the industry that the most expensive cars to insure are those that are more difficult to repair. It’s […]