Bots and Builders: Tesla to automate fascia inspections in Fremont factory

California, United States — Tesla has expanded the use of automated assembly robots to its Fremont factory, following the City of Fremont granting Tesla a permit to install “power and structural anchorage to support two new robots required to automate fascia inspection.” According to a Drive Tesla Canada, this decision may have come from build […]

Sound Blasting: Ferrari patents EV engine noise-amplifying system

Toronto, Ontario — Ferrari has filled a patent for an external speaker system, promising an authentic audio experience that magnifies the sound created by its electric motors. Rather than an attempted breakout into the modern art scene, this represents an attempt by the luxury carmakers to maintain its status in a world of electric vehicles […]

Innovation Acknowledged: Axalta’s electrocoating technology wins 2023 BIG Innovation Award

Pennsylvania, United States –The Business Intelligence Group has bestowed the 2023 BIG Innovation Award on Axalta’s AquaEC Flex Broad Bake Electrocoat, an annual award recognizing organizations, products and people for innovative ideas to life. According to an Axalta press release, AquaEC Flex Broad Bake Electrocoat was awarded for its low amount of volatile organic compounds, […]

EV/AV Report: Tech shows and self-driving developments

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s EV/AV report, new vehicles on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mercedes becomes the first OEM to commercially offer Level 3 autonomous vehicles in the United States and Microsoft may invest US$10m into a self-driving truck company, according to leaked info. This is the latest in electric […]