Pure Potential: EV battery packs should last 15 years, says former Tesla CTO

Houston, Texas — Electric vehicle battery packs should last about 15 years, according to former Tesla chief technology officer and co-founder JB Straubel. In a recent interview at CERAweek 2022, Straubel was asked at what point he believes battery life reaches an end. Once responsible for Tesla’s battery development until 2019, where he led cell […]

Dahn’s Discussions: Tesla’s million-mile battery could contribute to the electric grid

Halifax, Nova Scotia — Elon Musk’s vision of a million-mile EV battery–a battery with a lifecycle of one million charges–leaves some pondering the question, “but why?” The actual goal is not to produce an electric vehicle capable of driving 1.6 million kilometres through its lifespan, according to Dalhousie Professor and lithium-ion battery pioneer Jeff Dahn. […]

Beware of Batteries: EV batteries may pose a threat to emergency responders

Toronto, Ontario — With electric vehicles gaining popularity, emergency responders may be in serious danger–especially since the automaker’s emergency response guides are suppositively not up to par.  According to a new report conducted by National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) emergency responders may not be able to rely on emergency response guides provided by automakers when […]