A Step Up: Dodge patents swing-out tailgate step design for Ram trucks

Toronto, Ontario — The engineering department at Dodge is looking to give Ram drivers a leg-up in a literal sense, as a new patent filed by the company has been unearthed, outlining a switchblade-like step housed within a truck’s tailgate. Based on the diagrams uncovered first by Motor Authority, the step appears to swing out […]

The Magnificent Seven: Dodge unveils first of seven ‘Last Call’ Challenger models

Toronto, Ontario — In the latest chapter of the Dodge Challenger’s ongoing farewell tour, Stellantis has announced the limited edition “Shakedown” as the first of seven “Last Call” Challenger models to be released, before the beloved model winds down production on its current generation. Based on a design that the automaker showed off at the […]

Bring the Noise: New Dodge exhaust tech helps Challenger concept EV hit 126 decibels

Toronto, Ontario — As the beloved model winds down its long-standing production run, engineers at Dodge are ensuring that a particular electric-powered Charger concept model sends the iconic muscle car off with the roar it deserves—even if it requires some help from an amplifier or two. “It looks like a Dodge, sounds like a Dodge […]

Buyers’ Buzz: Dodge Hornet announced, gas and hybrid variants available

Michigan, United States — Following the phasing out of two of its most iconic vehicles, Stellantis has announced a new entry-level vehicle: the 2023 Dodge Hornet. Contrary to earlier leaks, the Hornet is confirmed to be a compact crossover rather than a full-blown SUV. According to the company’s press release, the Hornet is Dodge’s gateway […]

Dodge This: 2023 Dodge Hornet Crossover SUV leaked ahead of August announcement

Toronto, Ontario – The newest vehicle from Dodge has been leaked to the internet, months before its official announcement in August. Images of the 2023 Hornet were leaked by Autoblog and Kolesa, who published spy photographs of the new vehicles and vehicle renders respectively. According to Kolesa, this vehicle has a unique front assembly in […]