Intruder Alert: Tips to avoid cyberattacks in the age of hacking

Toronto, Ontario – Reliance on digital connectivity in the automotive industry at all levels from corporation to fleet and consumer is leaving the industry increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, according to an article by Tripwire. While apocalyptic claims that cyberattacks would send planes plummeting and calculators bursting into flame aren’t new, fourth-generation interconnectivity is a new […]

Akzo Art School: AkzoNobel launches Acoat Selected digital training platform

Troy, Michigan — In a commitment to both quality paintwork and the necessary training that goes alongside it, AkzoNobel has announced the launch of its new Acoat Selected digital training platform containing business services content relevant to end-user customers. Announced in a press release from AkzoNobel on Tuesday, the platform will cover a number of […]