Off the Presses: Canadian Black Book December 2022 data released

Toronto, Ontario — The latest edition of the Canadian Black Book (CBB) Used Vehicle Retention Index is now available,  providing members of the automotive industry with price trends based on historical, current and residual values. Notably, used vehicle retention appears to have peaked at unprecedented levels in the past 15 years. According to the CBB, […]

Popularity Contest: Ford F-150 remains Canada’s most sought-after vehicle, Honda Civic surges in popularity

Toronto, Ontario — Canadian automotive marketplace AutoTrader unveiled a report last Thursday concerning car shopper preferences in 2022, indicating that luxury and mainstay vehicles remain the most popular vehicles, with interest in more economic options driving other contenders towards the Top 10. Impressively, the Ford F-150 holds strong as Canada’s most sought-after vehicle for the […]

Updates Required: Canada ranks 19th in Zutobi survey of the worst roads globally

Ottawa, Ontario – Love pothole ridden roads and embarrassing grades? Neither do we, but no advertising is bad advertising, or so the saying goes. In a survey by driving education company Zutobi, they studied 59 countries based on the ratio of roads to land mass, road accident fatalities per capita, and changes in road quality […]

Private Eye: IGEN patents algorithm to monitor driver behaviour, privacy concerns raised

California, United States – IGEN Networks Corporation has patented a “Real-Time Driver Telematic Signatures,” a system to gather data and rate the driving patterns of piloted and autonomous vehicles. Registered with the United States Patent Office as patent number 17/850,258, IGEN promises to “expand the dataset of ‘Big Data’ to include…weather conditions, population density and […]

Repair Rights: New NHTSA guidelines promote balance between security and third-party access

Toronto, Ontario — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has new guidelines promoting the need to balance the needs of cybersecurity and third-party access, in light of the right to repair movement and multiple cases of vehicles being stolen or compromised due to inadequate security systems. Effectively an update of its 2016 predecessor, “Cybersecurity Best […]

Planning Ahead: AIA Canada Quebec call on incoming political candidates to futureproof auto industry for EVs

Montreal, Quebec — In preparation for Montreal’s Oct. 3 general election, the Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada’s Quebec Division has three demands for incoming political candidates, citing structural inadequacies that leave the automotive industry unprepared for the mass arrival of electric vehicles (EVs). These demands include owners’ rights to vehicle data, fighting planned obsolescence […]