Quality Crash: J.D. Power reports 11 percent increase in new-vehicle issues

Michigan, United States —A new study by J.D. Power appears to suggest a suspected industry trend–that vehicle build quality has been dropping. According to the 2022 U.S. Initial Quality Study, the automotive industry is experiencing an 11 percent increase in problems per 100 vehicles, resulting in an industry average of 180 problems per 100 vehicles. […]

Repairer Insights: Canada’s top 6 vehicle sales for 2022

Toronto, Ontario — The automotive industry has changed, and so will the vehicle showing up at your shop. Here are some of the best-selling cars this year, according to Timothy Cain at Driving.ca. Hyundai Elantra: Previously Canada’s second best-selling car in 2016, the Elantra has clawed back its second-place spot. 5,869 purchases, an increase by 26 […]

Braking Point: NHTSA reaches final phase of Tesla investigation

Washington, D.C — Investigations by the NHTSA are rarely a good thing for a manufacturer, especially when recalls become more likely. The NHTSA has formally upgraded its investigation to an “engineering analysis,” assessing 830,000 Tesla vehicles for phantom braking problems. This is the second, and final step taken before a recall is issued. Tesla Model […]

Rubber Renegade: Runaway tire injures B.C. man

Kensington, British Columbia – On June 7, the Burnaby RCMP received calls reporting something strange: a rogue tire, merrily striking multiple vehicles as it flew down the opposite direction of Highway 1, Kensington. Unfortunately, one of the drivers was hurt by the runaway tyre. According to the RCMP, he was taken to hospital with serious, […]

Freshly Squeezed: SATA Canada hosts Tropicana Pre-Employment class for paint training

Vaughan, Ontario – Tropicana Employment has been working to provide youth in the Toronto area with career and employment opportunities since 1980. One of Tropicana’s offerings is the Auto Body Pre-Apprenticeship L-1 program, designed to deliver students with an understanding of autobody repair and prepare them for apprenticeship on the shop floor. SATA Canada recently […]

Gotta Go Fast: 11 year old loses high speed race vs. Durham police

Whitby, Ontario – A Durham Region police patrol responding to reports of Hyundai speeding at 150km/h on the wrong side of the road, found themselves engaged in a short chase with an 11-year old driver and a 12-year-old in the passengers seat. Officers from Central-West Division pursued the vehicle, where it lost control along Fawcett […]

Safety Stoppage: 3G shutdowns in the US endanger certain vehicle owners

Ontario, Toronto – 3G network shutdowns are likely to impact vehicle features even if the components are functional, according to the non-profit organization, Consumer Reports. According to the report, the 3G network shutdown in the United States will permanently disable the functionality of 3G-dependent systems that cannot be upgraded with software or hardware updates. Notably, […]

Can You Believe This?! October 8, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — In this weekly edition of Collision Repair‘s Can You Believe This?! witness the lowest IQ you’ve ever seen, discover what too many Marvel movies do to your mind, find yourself amazed by a multitalented tow truck operator and much, much more!

Drive Thru Closed: Driver swerves to avoid collision, crashes through coffee shop

Halifax, Nova Scotia —  “C’mon, adjuster, you have to understand. I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet!” It’s a hypothetical sentiment, but these were quite likely the words one Maritime driver uttered to their insurance adjuster after crashing into a Halifax coffee shop in late August. Uncommon Grounds had an especially eager customer one Sunday […]