X-tra Specific: Mercedes-Benz develops x-ray imaging to capture automotive collision data

Toronto, Ontario — Mercedes-Benz has reportedly harnessed the power of high-speed X-ray imaging to capture side impact collision data. To do this, the automaker suspended a linear accelerator from the ceiling above the test vehicle to serve as an X-ray camera which captured every millisecond of the controlled collision. On board the test vehicle, a […]

Forgery Fallouts: Daihatsu automotive admits to forging crash test results for 30 years

Tokyo, Japan — Daihatsu automotive has halted the sales and shipments of its vehicles at all Japan factory locations amid a safety probe revealing the automaker has been forging safety tests for the past 30 years. According to the safety investigation made at the end of December by Ministry of Transportation officials, Daihatsu, a subsidiary […]