NHTSA releases first US federal guidelines for self-driving cars

Google's self-driving car was the first to make headlines, but it's been followed by other entries into the field. The rapid proliferation of autonomous vehicle technology has prompted the US-based NHTSA to deliver guidelines on how the technology should be developed and regulated.

By Mike Davey Washington, DC — September 20, 2016 — Our neighbours to the south have rolled out official guidelines for the development of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Among other items, the guidelines propose more government involvement in the design of these systems, and calls on manufacturers to share more information on the details of these […]

Hands on the Wheel: Consumer Watchdog calls for changes to self-driving regulations

Consumer Watchdog camped out at the Automated Vehicles Symposium 2016 in San Francisco yesterday to protest against Tesla's self-driving cars. The organization turned up with a white truck highlighting the shortcomings of Tesla's Autopilot in the death of Joshua Brown earlier this year.

By Mike Pickford Peterborough, Ontario — July 18, 2016 — Consumer Watchdog is lobbying both the US government and American automotive giant Tesla Motors to implement new driving regulations on the company’s range of potentially groundbreaking autonomous vehicles. The organization sent representatives to the opening day of the Automated Vehicles Symposium 2016, currently taking place in San […]

Hands on the wheel: Consumer advocacy org. says more off-road testing is needed for AVs

Mark Francis of ICBC with one of Google's self-driving cars. Francis believes insurance premiums will likely decrease as a result of AVs.

By Dylan O’Hagan   Peterborough, Ontario — May 4, 2016 — Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation has taken steps to prepare for the introduction of autonomous vehicles (AVs), including a pilot program launched at the beginning of 2016. For more on this, please see “Legislative framework still needed for autonomous vehicles.“   However, at least organization […]