A Fairer Deal: Damaged vehicles surround Mass. state house as repairers protest low labour rates

Boston, Massachusetts — The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Massachusetts put the value of their work on full display Wednesday, as members of the organization rallied around the Massachusetts State House with damaged vehicles loaded up on flatbeds, protesting their state’s exceptionally low repair labour rate. Organizers of the motorcade pointed to “unsustainably low […]

Survey: Hourly/Salary most popular form of compensating production staff

The chart above shows the percentage of survey respondents using a particular method of staff compensation.

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — January 17, 2017 — What’s the best system for compensating technicians and other production staff? While our latest survey doesn’t provide a firm answer, it does tell us that different facilities would answer the question in different ways. The 2017 Staff Compensation Survey asked facility owners and managers to […]