Black Nitrile Glove Dispenser released – Colad

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – October 2, 2018 – Colad and EMM International have released the new Black Nitrile Glove Dispenser. The dispenser comes in size large and claims to be an efficient solution for storing your gloves for ease of access. The dispenser features a convenient wall mount for efficiency and contains 400 […]

EMM launches Colad Spray Sample Sleeves

EMM says the new Colad Spray Sample Sleeves help to keep information organization and prevents scratches.

Toronto, Ontario — October 14, 2016 — EMM has introduced Spray Sample Sleeves from Colad. According to EMM, the new sleeves help keep information organized and protect spray samples from scratches. These small cardboard sleeves provide space for one painted Colad Spray Sample. Basic information such as the date, car type and colour code can […]

EMM brings new gear to North America

The Colad Bodyguard from EMM is a new painter's suit designed with several innovative features.

By Jeff Sanford Detroit, Michigan — July 30, 2015 — European supplier EMM made its first appearance at NACE this year. The European outfit operates around the globe in countries like Australia, France and Poland. But now the firm hopes to beef up its business in the north-eastern US, Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces […]