Much Ado About Change: IBIS Global Summit session centres on ideas to change the industry

Monte-Carlo, Monaco — One of the repeated topics during last week’s IBIS Global Summit speaker sessions was the industry’s attitudes toward widespread change. A forum on the topic, entitled, “Achieving Collaboration is an ongoing challenge, but what are the opportunities the collision industry has to “Optimise” business results?” was presented on June 16 by Advantage […]

From collision repairer to super shop

Andrew Marsh

by Andrew Marsh A long time ago collision repair was all about panel and paint. Anything – from body fittings to suspension to electronics – was seen as the exclusive preserve of either a service shop or another department inside larger collision repair businesses. Not anymore. The process began as a pure by-product of collision […]

Change, and yet more change

Andrew Marsh

by Andrew Marsh Over the past few months it has really struck me how difficult it is to get hold of vehicle collision repair information – not only to source it in the first place, or to master the oddities of the OEM web sites, but the type and depth of information on offer. We […]