Startups and Subsidies: EV/AV report, August 8

Toronto, Ontario — More rebates for electric vehicle purchases in British Columbia, a Canadian startup shows off solar panel EV upgrades and Ontario invests 5 million to train and employ 500 autoworkers. This is your weekly report on the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Charging Up B.C. is increasing the cap on EV rebates […]

The Grand Decision: ElectraMeccanica to build new Arizona, U.S. production facility

Vancouver, British Columbia — B.C.-based electric vehicle company ElectraMeccanica has announced it will be expanding its production out of China with a new U.S. factory in Mesa, Arizona. The proposed facility in Mesa will support ElectraMeccanica’s strategic plan to meet anticipated demand for its flagship EV, the three-wheeled Solo. When fully operational, the facility is […]