Surprise Visit: European authorities raid Hyundai and Kia, diesel defeat devices suspected

Frankfurt, Germany — On June 29, European authorities raided multiple Hyundai and Kia buildings in Frankfurt and Luxembourg. This operation was coordinated by Eurojust under suspicion that the South Korean companies were equipping vehicles with illegal diesel defeat devices. This device analyzes different inputs such as steering and throttle to identify whether a vehicle is […]

Can You Believe This?! February 25, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — This week, Land Rover unveils a brand new extreme water-cooled engine; a port-a-potty transporter suffers some serious embarrassment; bikers petition for motorcycle ballet in the next Olympic and much more, all in the Collision Repair Can You Believe This?!

Can You Believe This?! January 21, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — In this weekly edition of the Collision Repair Can You Believe This?!, fire and ice duel it out roadside; the airless tire makes its debut; cutouts built for canines turn heads in the parking lot and much, much more! Let us know in the comments which video had you most baffled!

Can You Believe This?! September 24, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — This Can You Believe This?! video installment brings you literal boxcar bodywork; road rage in the form of interpretive dance; a new way to peacefully drive with kids and much, much more!

Can You Believe This?! July 23, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — Witness what a lack of OE towing guidelines can bring, lift’s that’ll make you lost for words and the perfect use for your empties; all in this week’s wacky Can You Believe This?! installment!