Four Stores: CARSTAR franchisees quadruple store count with purchase of Piedmont, Lafontaine, St-Jérôme locations

Hamilton, Ontario – CARSTAR, North America’s premier network of independently owned collision repair facilities, has announced the resale of CARSTAR Lafontaine, CARSTAR St-Jérôme and CARSTAR Piedmont to recent franchisees and owners of CARSTAR St. Eustache, Simon Anderson and Stéphane Roussy. Stéphane Roussy, now a CARSTAR MSO, stated that he is “very pleased to continue working […]

EV/AV Report: Norwegian prowess, future charging and Tesla critics

Toronto, Ontario — Norway sets an example to the world as a country where gas cars are growing obsolete, a prominent American lawmaker criticizes autopilot’s misleading name for still requiring a human pilot at the wheel, and Halifax rolls out eight new EV chargers this summer. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. […]

Niche Market: Car leasing company developing speed-dating app for car lovers only

London, United Kingdom — Tired of dates asking about your personality, hobbies and all those other boring conversational icebreakers? Now you and your date from the “Speed Dating” app can hyper fixate on the latest and greatest cars—if you find one, that is. Created by a literal car leasing company from the United Kingdom, Speed […]

Tighter Living: Average auto insurance premium in Ontario grows by 12 percent in 2023

Toronto, Ontario — Insurance research firm, Rates.ca has released its list of cities that pay the highest auto insurance premiums in Ontario, with the average estimated premium growing by 12 percent in 2023, compared to 2021. This is the largest increase recorded by the Insuramap survey, with the average estimated premium sitting at $1,744, compared to […]

Recall Wave: Transport Canada recalls several KIA, BMW and Mercedes-Benz 2022-2023 models

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s recall update, Transport Canada has discovered KIA instrument clusters with faulty warning lights, randomly disconnecting BMW battery connectors and Mercedes-Benz batteries that will not warn the driver of problems. BMW is recalling the 2023 IX and I7 models (recall No. 2023250) warning that connectors for the high-voltage battery monitoring […]

Industry Shakeups: Automakers frustrated at Quebec’s tightened ZEV sales mandate proposal

Montreal, Quebec — Automotive industry stakeholders warn that the Quebec government’s plan to toughen zero-emission-vehicle (ZEV) regulations will keep older, polluting vehicles on the road longer, despite the intent to boost electric vehicle supply and sales. This follows an announcement from Quebec’s Environment Minister, Benoit Charette, stating that the province would accelerate the yearly percentage […]