West-end Repo: Toronto police recover 556 vehicles, more than 100 charged

Toronto, Ontario — Toronto police recently recovered 556 stolen vehicles, representing a combined value over $27 million according to a district commander, however, not all of these vehicles will be returned to their original owners it would seem. According to a Toronto Police Service announcement on Wednesday, these vehicles were recovered in an ongoing investigation into […]

Marked for Theft: Apple AirTags used in multiple Toronto car thefts

Toronto Ontario — Car theft is on the rise, and tracking devices are making it easier for thieves to drive off with your vehicle. Over the past year, car theft has steadily risen by more than 50 percent. While the use of AirTags is far from the norm, these devices have been linked to a […]

Grand Theft Toronto: Toronto Police called on to rebuild auto theft unit

Toronto, Ontario — City council is calling on the Toronto Police Services Board to form a unit aimed at addressing the rising tide of auto theft that Toronto has been in the midst of for the past several years. On Friday, council voted to put the issue before the police board, specifically requesting it to […]