Stand Up Speak Out: Implementing AI in collision centres

Toronto, Ontario — Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the power to transform our daily lives as we know them. We’re not quite at the point where robots will be completing welds on the shop floor, but there are already plenty of ways you can use AI in collision centres. For operation’s sake; for customer connection; […]

Aural Automation: A.I. helps MapGPT voice assistant become more relevant to drivers

Toronto, Ontario – Mapbox, an American-based location statistic mapping company, has recently launched a conversational Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) service so that North American OEMs can create customized voice assistants.  The goal of this recent launch is to create voice assistants for OEMs that are capable of delivering a more natural and actionable conversation to drivers.  […]

CCC, AI MVP: CCC wins two awards for AI innovation, organization from Business Intelligence Group

Toronto, Ontario — The Business Intelligence Group announced Tuesday that the estimation experts over at CCC Intelligent Solutions have been presented with not one, but two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Excellence Awards for its impressive use of the emerging technology. CCC Estimate – STP, the company’s industry-first AI-powered estimating platform, took the top spot in the […]

Bots and Builders: Tesla to automate fascia inspections in Fremont factory

California, United States — Tesla has expanded the use of automated assembly robots to its Fremont factory, following the City of Fremont granting Tesla a permit to install “power and structural anchorage to support two new robots required to automate fascia inspection.” According to a Drive Tesla Canada, this decision may have come from build […]

BMW’s BFF: OEM unveils talking, colour-changing car at CES

Las Vegas, Nevada — You’re lying if you say you’ve never talked to yourself⁠. Seriously⁠—have you never rattled off a story or idea while alone in the comfort of a car? If you’re of the majority,dont’ be surprised when the car speaks back to you. BMW has unveiled a talking concept car, the i Vision […]

EV/AV Report: Flying cars and smarter streets

Toronto, Ontario — A provincial government reconsiders a policy that may discriminate against single parents, a member of the Forbes Technology Council warns that roads need to be updated for the arrival of AVs, and a flying car startup announces its metaphorical farewell flight. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Devil in the […]