OEMs struggle to meet customer expectations and legal demands Column by ANDREW MARSH   The automotive industry is in an almighty mess, even though millions of people around the globe are working very hard to fix the many issues. Let’s look a little deeper into the product development chaos, and the effect on the collision […]

OEMs change shape forever

Andrew Marsh

By Andrew Marsh Engineering Director, Auto Industry Consulting Ltd We are all too familiar with the OEM retail store. Huge glass-faced atriums full of little more than air, salespeople who are too busy all the time to see many people, and that OEM logo appearing on the floor, on the desks, on the glass – […]

From collision repairer to super shop

Andrew Marsh

by Andrew Marsh A long time ago collision repair was all about panel and paint. Anything – from body fittings to suspension to electronics – was seen as the exclusive preserve of either a service shop or another department inside larger collision repair businesses. Not anymore. The process began as a pure by-product of collision […]

Change, and yet more change

Andrew Marsh

by Andrew Marsh Over the past few months it has really struck me how difficult it is to get hold of vehicle collision repair information – not only to source it in the first place, or to master the oddities of the OEM web sites, but the type and depth of information on offer. We […]

How to make friends and gain influence

Andrew Marsh

by Andrew Marsh, Engineering Director, AIC Ltd Each month, millions of words and thousands of hours are dedicated to telling the business how to market to an ill-defined target audience. There are some really powerful techniques, many of which belong to vast corporations rather than the lifeblood of any advanced economy, or small to medium […]

Turn Your Auto Repair Business Upside Down… For The Better

Andrew Marsh

By Andrew Marsh Collision repairers around the world share a deep passion for doing the job right and doing it well. Each repair is a vehicle restoration – from minor damage to major rebuild, and each one is slightly different. There are due processes especially if external partners are involved in the start date and […]