Subro’s Start: Tractable launches AI Subro, solution for auto insurers to recover loss and reduce loss ratios

London, United Kingdom — Tractable launched AI Subro last Friday, touting the product as “a new solution that will help US auto insurers resolve subrogation tasks with AI.”

AI Subro digitizes and accelerates many of the tasks involved in subrogation – the process by which insurers legally pursue third parties that have caused losses to the insured. At present, subrogation is often a manual, time-intensive process, frequently outsourced to service providers, said Tractable in its inaugural release for AI Subro.

With AI Subro, insurers can carry out their own subzero claims, accurately and efficiently – helping them avoid outsourcing, recover more losses and reduce their loss ratios, resulting in better outcomes for policyholders.

James Spears, Head of Automotive at Tractable, said: “Subrogation is a critical part of the insurance process, but today it is often opaque, time-consuming, and labour-intensive – making it difficult to get right. Leaders across the industry tell us they are desperate to find a better way forward, and AI Subro is exactly that – it helps insurers identify when and where they should be pursuing subrogation, simplifies and accelerates the process, and helps parties come to terms transparently and efficiently.”

AI Subro works by reviewing an adverse insurer’s demand packets – the pictures of a claim that would normally be sent to another insurance company. The AI examines the data and ensures the damage estimate is correct, enabling the insurer to make a more accurate loss claim from its counterparty. The technology can also be used as a mediator between the two parties, enabling both to come to an agreement more quickly and transparently, and potentially avoiding arbitration.

According to The National Association of Subrogation Professionals, 15% of insurance claims are missed opportunities for subrogation*. AI Subro is a development of Tractable’s AI Review solution, which is already used by many of the world’s leading insurers to ensure that claims are assessed correctly and repairs are carried out in compliance with procedures and standards.


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