Straight Off the Screen: Nissan to livestream Max-Out concept car debut two years after initial announcement

Toronto, Ontario — Nissan has a new design lifted off the digital world: literally.

According to Driving.ca, Nissan has posted a placeholder link for a livestream scheduled for Feb. 1, where they plan to release the Max-Out concept car, first leaked in 2021 digital concept art.

At its first showcase, the Max-Out was part of a series of vehicles demonstrating the final goal of Nissan’s Ambition 2030, a timetable forecasting the company’s plans to electrify the company’s product line.

Various elements of the concept car indicate an emphasis on luxury design and a futuristic aesthetic. Between the jet black exterior, three-dimensional vector graphics and a unique seat layout, it is unclear whether this concept vehicle is meant to demonstrate the absolute peak of Nissan’s manufacturing, or is closer to a one-time custom display piece.

Simultaneously, Nissan has discussed the possibility of introducing solid-state batteries in its next generation of EVs back in 2021, meaning the likelihood of either possibility is genuine.


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