Stepped-Up Support: Canadian businesses show true colours amid pandemic

The doctor is in

An Ontario emergency room doctor has sought help from a Toronto auto shop in developing a new tool for healthcare workers combatting COVID on the front lines.

Dr. Kaveh Kavoosi is an emergency room physician in Alliston, north of Toronto. Recognizing the risk of contamination for healthcare workers during patient intubation, Kavoosi took to social media to seek help in developing what he calls a protective intubation and resuscitation cube (PIRC). 

The PIRC design was Inspired by a box prototype in Taiwan that goes over the patient’s head to contain the spray and limit contamination.

Within hours of posting his idea online, One Concept Auto in Toronto reached out to Kavoosi. The facility offered its experience in crafting speaker boxes and he took them up on their offer. 

Right now the box costs about $500 to make and is put together by cutting pieces of acrylic and using a 3D printer.

“It feels great to be part of something that could help in the time of need,” said One Concept Auto owner Alex Labao. “It’s definitely a good feeling.”

Helping healthcare heroes

Raven Grewal, a nurse in Richmond, B.C. was driving to visit a client in a care facility when she lost control of her vehicle, leaving some nasty damage on its front end. As an essential worker in these tumultuous times, Grewal was left incredibly stressed and in need of speedy repair.

That’s when she called Speedier Auto Body in Surrey and explained her situation.

“Not only did they fix my car within 24 hours,” said Grewal, “but they also didn’t charge me anything as their way of showing support for healthcare workers.

“I believe he deserves recognition for what he’s done and everyone should hear about his kindness. Something positive to hear within all the chaos.”

Arun Dewett and Sandeep Sidhu, owners of Speedier Auto Body, said Grewal had been working flat out for three days and was exhausted. The owners said they just wanted to help her out⁠ to thank her for her hard work on the front lines.

“They are doing so much for us. We should help them,” said Dewett. “Whoever can do it, should step up do it.”

Dedication at Dom’s

Dom Vetere, owner of Dom’s Auto Parts in Oshawa, Ontario is offering free auto parts to the province’s first responders amid the crisis.

First responders—hospital staff as well as paramedics, police and firefighters—can receive up to $200 in free auto parts by providing staff at Dom’s an employee ID.

“We want you to know how much we appreciate everything you do,” said Vetere. “We are here to help in any way we can.”

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