Springing for Cleaning: SGI to pay for half-hour vehicle disinfection during crisis

Toronto, Ontario — March 30, 2020 — Saskatchewan Government Insurance is being hailed by members of the collision industry for embracing a new policy that will reimburse repairers for time spent disinfecting vehicles during the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers, the public insurer has agreed to allow shops two quarter-hours of billable time for decontamination of vehicles when they enter and leave a shop. The move is temporary and is expected to be ended when the Coronavirus pandemic ends.

Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers executive director Tom Bissonnette discussed the need for repairers to seek reimbursement for time spent disinfecting vehicles during an interview on Friday.
During the Elite Body Shop Solutions Positivity Summit, Bissonnette discussed how Saskatchewan repairers were making ends meet during the pandemic.

Host David Leuhr described Saskatchewan auto repair facilities as being particularly impressive and noted that many were world-class, despite their geographic isolation relative to many U.S. facilities.


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2 Responses

  1. It’s terrible,because all vehicule should be clean in Body Shop after it’s been repaired,we been doing this for the past 30 years! Bravo Economical insurance company your the only one that care for your clients!. We desinfect and do the decontamination of all vehicules after we work on it it’s only logic, we do work for insurance company and we represent them!

    1. I would think all Body Shops in Saskatchewan have always cleaned the vehicles after the repairs. What Tom is talking about is all the extra steps we are now doing as a conscientious shop owner to sanitize and disinfect the vehicles before we can start work. Nobody wants to bring a virus into their shop that could put our employees health at risk or jeopardize the health of our customers. We are thankful for Tom’s voice with SGI.

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