Spoiler Alert: Nearly 2,000 Range Rovers recalled for loose spoiler cover

Toronto, Ontario — At the risk of spoiling someone’s weekend fun, Transport Canada has reposted a recall notice for 2010 and 2011 Range Rover Sport SUVs for a defect that could cause the upper cover of the vehicle’s rear spoiler to detach while in motion.

First called in October of 2020, Transport Canada is bringing the recall back to light amid new driver complaints, with the estimate of total affected vehicles currently sitting at 1,922.

The federal transportation safety regulator says the defect in the Range Rover Sport’s rear spoiler cover has the potential to create a hazard for other drivers on the road, increasing the risk of a crash.

Land Rover will be contacting owners to instruct them to take their vehicles to a dealer to “inspect the rear spoiler assembly and install additional adhesive to secure it. If the top cover has detached, and was lost or damaged, a new rear spoiler will be installed,” according to Transport Canada.

Transport Canada’s full recall notice can be found here.


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