Simplicity made big strides in 2018, according to new report

By Elizabeth Sargeant

Toronto, Ontario — June 28, 2019 –  Simplicity has just released its annual market report showing the CR industry this successful car care company has had quite the opposite of a “simple” year.

Simplicity Car Care is one of the fastest-growing networks in the collision repair industry. According to their report, they have several partnerships throughout Canada, with a vision of providing simple car care to all Canadians.

They’ve considered their key successes in 2018 operational excellence, creating a future of innovation as well as “changing the paradigm,” and growing. 

And, according to the report, they have put their words into action. In 2018, Simplicity increased its number of locations from six to 17. That’s a 183% increase. Simplicity stated in their report that, “in 2019, we have an aggressive growth plan that will expand our reach across Canada.”

On top of their expansion, Simplicity has also seen a growth in sales. In 2018, their in-store sales rose by 18 percent. They accredit this to the nearly 8,000 customers they saw and assisted in 2018 alone. 

Simplicity has also had impressive feedback from customers. According to their report, 82 percent of their clients would recommend Simplicity’s services to a colleague or friend and 92 percent reported that their vehicle was ready on time. 

For more information on Simplicity, contact them at

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