Simple and Clean: Simplicity’s September national Growth Conference deemed climate positive

Toronto, Ontario — Cleanup after a big event is never a fun ordeal, but it’s hard not to catch yourself smiling if you know the big national conference you just held gave more back to the environment than it took.

Simplicity Car Care can officially take pride in the fact that its September National Growth Conference in Niagara Falls was climate-positive; the first North American aftermarket event to ever achieve such a feat.

Despite all the heat generated by its impressive lineup of guest speakers and industry influencers, the collision repair consolidator managed to remove twice the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that were generated over the two-day event.

“Right now we must all take responsibility for our contribution to the climate crisis which will affect every single living being on our planet,” said Dominic Napier, managing director at Carbon Neutral Repair and featured guest at Simplicity’s conference.

“Bringing the Simplifiers together is critical to their continued vision in making affordable vehicle repair available for everyone, but it is not acceptable to not acknowledge the impact any conference has on the environment.”

The company considers its commitment to environmental sustainability as just another way Simplicity supports its franchisees and their well-being.

“Franchisee support continues to receive significant investment as we experiment with data-based learning models to customize development for each strategic franchise partner,” said Simplicity Car Care v-p Domenic Prochilo.


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