Silent Selection: Apple hires ex-Lamborghini R&D head

Toronto, Ontario – According to an anonymous source interviewed by Bloomberg, Apple has hired a 20-year Lamborghini design veteran into its driverless electric vehicle program.

Luigi Taraborrelli has nearly two dozen projects under his belt from Lamborghini, with experience in vehicle design, steering, handling and chassis development, among others things. According to the unnamed source who says the hiring decision was not public, Taraborrelli will help Apple design a self-driving vehicle.

While Apple’s secretive Project Titan began in 2014 to develop an electric vehicle, it has since developed into a much more ambitious project. Given Apple’s AI and machine learning chief’s deep involvement in the project, it is not out of the question that project Titan has since evolved to develop an electric, fully autonomous vehicle.

The intense focus on machine learning may indicate a desire to compete with corporations like Tesla, designing fully autonomous EVs that do not involve human control in most cases.

According his LinkedIn profile, Taraborrelli departed Lamborghini in May 2022 and has not indicated any public affiliation with Apple.




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