Service Advisors in Focus as Facepay Adds Share Program for Auto Repair Shops

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AutomotiveTrainingInstitute–Service advisors are recognized in a new share program announced today by Facepay. Auto shop profit growth is strongly tied to service advisor interaction with customers, and the new Service Advisor Share program by Facepay uniquely rewards them for their efforts. Facepay is a Diamond Partner of the Automotive Training Institute recognized for the way it achieves profit lift results.

Dr. Mark Hale, founder of Facepay, explains this simply as “a service advisor can make $10-$25 every time a customer pays for their service. Shops decide to reward advisors for their efforts with the money saved from credit card fees and kickbacks that your shop no longer needs to pay.”

Service Advisor Share is enabled in product and tracks paid incentives in lieu of credit card fees. For example, for a shop using a discount processor and paying 50% share, a service advisor makes $12 on a $946 repair order when paid using text payments. Facepay is particularly advantageous because it eliminates shop exposure to security and recorded line chargeback risks, which are happening with increasing frequency.

Facepay takes about 15 minutes to get started. Service advisors follow a familiar process but more time available from a frictionless pickup experience. Seen here, the share program works with all software a service advisor is currently using.

  1. Talk with customers about their after-hours, express, and concierge pickup options at vehicle drop off. When customers decide to visit your shop, these options are 5 times more important than reviews.

  2. Send out text and email payments when they are due.

  3. Tender payments like you would any other payment.

  4. Prepare the vehicle for pickup.

Overall, the amount of work is less, customers are more engaged, and the likelihood of upselling is higher. Every payment made with Facepay is eligible for the share program. You can get a demo at www.facepay.io or call (800) 403-0221.

About Facepay

Facepay is more profitable payments. Facepay is a subscription service that increases profit lift for your auto shop by 15%. We reimagined payments as an integral part of your customer workflow. Facepay share technology works with all existing systems and includes popular features like guaranteed payments by text and email, same day clearing and subscriptions offerings.


Dr. Mark Hale

Facepay, Inc.

(800) 403-0221


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