SEM introduces Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun Cleaner

SEM's new Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun Cleaner.

Rock Hill, South Carolina — August 17, 2015 — SEM has introduced what it says is a first of its kind solution to cleaning one-component sprayable seam sealer applicators. The new product is 29433 Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun Cleaner.

According to a statement from SEM, whether a technician is performing routine maintenance or needs to quickly switch seam sealer colours, Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun Cleaner makes this task easier.

“29433 makes the difficult task of cleaning these applicators much easier. Any shop with 1K sprayable seam sealer applicators will save time and frustration with this product,” says David Vivian, Product Manager for SEM Products.

Sprayable Seam Sealer Gun Cleaner is available now and features a high-strength virgin solvent blend. The formulation is free of chlorinated solvents and the product includes a straw for application in tight areas.

More information, including a how-to video, technical data sheet and safety data sheet, is available at semproducts.com.


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  1. Hi, I really enjoy your gun cleaning discussions, I learn something new every time! 😃 Keep posting like this. Thanks again, have a beautiful day.

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