School’s In: B.C. reintroduces skilled trade certification for 10 trades

Victoria, British Columbia — The recently introduced Skilled Trades BC Act aims to reintroduce skilled trade certification, previously repealed in 2003.

This would require people to register as an apprentice or be a certified journeyperson to work in one of the 10 initial mechanical, electrical and automotive trades. The BC government is also investing $5 million to address current waiting lists for trades programs, increasing training access and providing refresher courses for tradespeople to complete their training and certification.

“We want apprentices in British Columbia to be able to count on having good, family-supporting jobs once they complete their training,” said Anne Kang, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Training. “With 85,000 job openings expected in the trades by 2031, there are so many opportunities for meaningful work.”

“When students and apprentices get the certification they need to succeed, it also means they get the training to do their work safely,” said Harry Bains, Minister of Labour. “It ensures they have the tools, knowledge and skills to handle equipment properly and recognize when there is an unsafe work situation.”

If passed, the act will reform the Industry Training Authority into SkilledTradesBC, a new crown agency responsible for trades training, certification, and supporting apprentices and trainees.

According to Kang, the new program could start later this year, and workers would have at least one year to register for apprenticeship programs or take an exam to get certified.


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  1. Wow !!!
    That averages out to a whopping $58.82 per person investment if they expect 85,000 job vacancies.
    I see British Columbia is Like Ontario and absolutely clueless as to what is required to put people in the trades.

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